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How to Build Community in the Classroom

We often think about the importance of building community in our classrooms, but once the bell rings on that first day back to school in September, we're inundated with meetings, emails, new students, and committees that we're suddenly a part of.

Although building relationship comes naturally to some, it can be hard to find ways - and time! - to engage all of our learners and help everyone feel connected to our classroom community when we have so many other obligations.

This is why I encourage you to come up with a class slogan or motto for you and your students! It's one line that belongs to you and your class and no one else. It unifies you and helps all students feel connected to something bigger! You can tie this into your classroom management practices, and use the slogan to guide behavior and engagement!

Examples of my former class slogans:

Be safe, be kind, have fun! (Not original, I know, but a super helpful slogan for connecting with students when I worked with youth in custody!)

Remember to love each other! (Created with my musical theatre students when we had a particularly intense show to perform!)

If you want more info about how this can be effective or how to go about creating a slogan, I encourage you to listen to my first podcast episode!

I'd love to hear from you! Share some of your class slogans!

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