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Stream of Consciousness


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My name is Kim and I am a settler teacher on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen speaking people in what is now known as Victoria, BC, Canada! I have taught in both mainstream and alternative education settings for the past 10 years, and I have a passion for building safe and supportive classrooms and offering trauma informed practice education for teachers looking to build meaningful relationships and trauma informed classrooms!

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Read of the Month!


Starlight is Richard Wagamese's last novel before he passed, and unfortunately, it's left incomplete. However, even so, this novel is an absolutely beautiful story! 

The story centers on the narrow escape of Emmy and her daughter, Winnie, who are fleeing Emmy's abusive former partner. We see Emmy's resilience and immense resourcefulness as she seeks shelter and support, finding it in Frank Starlight, 

Frank opens Emmy and Winnie's world to the unbelievable connection he has with nature, and shows the two how to feel grounded and at peace. 

Though unfinished, I encourage everyone to dive into this beautiful, poetic novel!

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